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Juvederm Ultra 2 (2×0,55ml)

Juvederm Ultra 2 is a formulation of Juvederm Ultra, which is used to treat any moderate lines on your face, usually those around the lips and at the corners of your eyes. It contains a different concentration of hyaluronic acid so that you get the correct amount to treat these moderate lines. It is typically used on lines that occur on the surface of the skin and therefore would not be the correct treatment for deeper set lines.

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  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid (biosynthetic origin) + 0.3% lidocaine
  • A formulation cohesive, flexible, for a controlled and precise injection, for a homogeneous distribution in the dermis
  • An advanced technology 3D matrix, for greater durability (up to 1 year) and an optimal volume

The range Juvederm Ultra is the result of more than 13 years of experience in hyaluronic acid. It enjoys the Matrix 3D advanced technology and the addition of lidocaine (local anesthetic) for:

  • A natural outcome and long-term: through the process of cross-linking for greater persistence and optimum volume ability up to 12 months.
  • An injection smoothly: a flexible gel requiring a smaller force extrusion, allowing a controlled injection. The addition of 0.3% lidocaine provides more comfort during and after the injection.

Wrinkles of the lower face and around the mouth can be addressed through the injection into the skin of a hyaluronic acid gel, substance naturally in the skin. The result lasts about a year depending on the product and the area injected. For more comfort Juvederm Ultra contains an anesthetic. The result is immediate and natural.

Juvederm Ultra is offered in a range with three different viscosities, allowing you to choose the size that matches your needs:

  • Juvederm Ultra 2: injected into the superficial to middle dermis.
  • Juvederm Ultra 3: injected into the middle to deep dermis.
  • Juvederm Ultra 4: injected into the deep dermis.
Juvederm Ultra 2 Juvederm Ultra 3 Juvederm Ultra 4
Volume capacity 2 / 5 3 / 5 4 / 5
Packaging 1.1 ml (2 x 0.55 ml) 1.1 ml (2 x 0.55 ml) 1.6 ml (2 x 0.8 ml)
Needle 30G 1 / 2 27G 1 / 2 27G 1 / 2
Use Treats depression of the skin and hemming augmentaion volume lips Treats skin depressions medium to deep toppings and increase the volume of lips Treats depression of the skin Increase volume

Juvederm Ultrais the only family of products filling based hyaluronic acid approved by the U.S. FDA to correct wrinkles and folds moderate to severe for up to one year.

For 75% of patients, the improvement was significant to a year *.

* Juvederm injectable gel: a multicenter double-blind, randomized study of safety and effectiveness. A. Pinsk.

Precautions for use

  • Do not inject Juvederm Ultra 4 in the glabella or in the dark
  • Do not use Juvederm Ultra after laser treatment, a deep chemical peeling, a dermabrasion or in the case of peeling superficial, if there is a significant inflammatory reaction
  • Reaction of hyper sensitivity to hyaluronic acid, medical history of autoimmune diseases and / or chronic infections to strep


Attention, injecting this product requires a medical act which can be achieved only by a doctor (doctor specializing in skin aesthetic, dermatologist, plastic surgeon).

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