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Both NCTF 135HA Meso and Art Fillers from Filorga are available! you can even buy revolutionary Ellanse S, M, L, and E cheaper online!

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Some Juvederm Voluma and Stylage M without lido

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All Juvederm are available to buy online at great prices: juvederm ultra 3, ultra 4, ultra 2, Voluma, Volift, Vobella, Smile, and even the brand new Volite!

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Upside down Merz Belotero Intense lido and Perfechta the cheapest price available is here !

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Cytocare 532 at the best price available! if you find cheaper we pay the difference!

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No limits on NCTF135HA for us! Try it and refresh your skin!

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Restylane Vital, Vital Light Lido or without Lido

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Teosyal Deeplines, Global action and many more at Filler Bank

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Teoxane Cosmetics

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Restylane Kysse, Stylage Hydro and HydroMax, cytocare 502, 516 and 532

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Perfectha, Stylage L with and without Lido, Stylage Lips with and withou lido

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Mixed Restylane, Belotero balance lido, and Stylage M lido