Ultra 4 from allergan injectable hyaluronic Acid has been designed for filling  facial skin and offers a deep injection right in the deep dermis and increases the volume of cheeks and lips.

Lidocaine is included in the formulation and helps a lot in reducing the pain of the patient during the procedure.

Ultra Voluma from allergan injectable gel boasts of being not just being the first, but the only FDA approved instant filler for increasing the volume of cheek area. It gives the user a subtle facelift while helping restoration of the outline and profile for as many as 2 years. Injection of the drug without using surgery helps to restore the facial tissue volume that has been lost and significantly voluminize facial rejuvenation.

The drug has incredible lifting capacity that increases the volume of the cheekbones and helps in deep wrinkles correction and is related to its chemical and physical properties. It is introduced in the deeper layers and its effectiveness is not lost. Mostly, ideal for people aged above 21 years.

Teosialyal PureSense Redensity II from teoxane is specifically designed for removing bags that form under the eyes.

A gram of this gel contains 15 ml of hyaluronic acid, amino, lidocaine, B6, minerals, i.e. copper and zinc and antioxidants. There is need for additional anesthesia in the area found around the eye since the skin around here is very sensitive and very thin. The results of this drug last for a year as it enters deep into the skin.

Perfectha Subskin  is a preparation containing new generation fillers used for biodegradable hyaluronic acid contour that helps to model the facial base and ObvieLine (France) E-Bird-Technology has helped to manufacture the drug.

The drug helps users avoid plastic surgery by helping in creation of a perfect volume and recovery of the lost files.Perfectha Derm subcutaneously helps in enhancing the natural shape and appearance of areas such as the chin and cheeks and eliminating skin changes and enhancing clarity of the oval face back.